5 podcasts (and a TED talk) worth listening to (2018)

I listen to MANY podcasts, interviews, and talks on sex and sexuality - looking for great resources to share with my community of learners. As 2018 wraps up, I have gathered up a few of the best for you!

1. “Am I 'Normal?’ and Other Questions with Sex Educator Emily Nagoski” | Bad Yogi Podcast 

This interview has something for ALL ages and seasons of life. Definitely worth your time! If you want to know more about Nagoski's book Come As You Are, you can read my book review here.

2. Physical Therapy + Peeing During Sex | Girl Boner Radio

Host August McLaughlin interviews Heather Jeffcoat, DPT about pelvic floor health, sexual pain conditions, urinary leaking, menopause, postpartum, urinating during sex and how physical therapy can help transgender individuals post genital reconstruction surgery -- just to name a few. Especially good information about painful sex.

3. Sunscreen Lessons (Ep. 26) | Whine Down with Jana Kramer

This podcast features therapist and intimacy expert Dr. Leslie Gustafson and her therapist husband Doug. This conversation was like listening in on a therapy session. Thought provoking, honest and delving into relationship sex dynamics in an unscripted session. Worth a listen.

4. More Sex, Less Pain with Heather Jeffcoat | Sex with Emily on Sirius XM

To learn more about pelvic floor health, listen to this Q&A by physical therapist and author of "Sex without Pain" Heather Jeffcoat on the Sex with Emily podcast. Ladies, our pelvic floor is made up of 12 muscles and pelvic floor physical therapy is literally changing women's lives for the better. I wrote a blog about pain and sex you can read here.

5. Leaning Into The Squirm: How to Talk to Your Kids About Bodies, Sex and Sexuality (Ep. 99) | Sorta Awesome

Listen to a great discussion with counselor Leann Gardner about “Leaning Into The Squirm: How to Talk to Your Kids About Bodies, Sex and Sexuality” on the Sorta Awesome podcast. I want parents to feel confident to be their child's primary sex educator!

BONUS: "What young women believe about their own sexual pleasure" TED talk by Peggy Orenstein

I read Peggy Orenstein’s book, Girls & Sex this year and found her TED talk to be a good representation of her interviews and findings. I especially recommend this for parents/grandparents of girls in middle school through college. Good insight into why comprehensive sex education is crucial.