Create a Sexy Playlist

Music is proven to have a very powerful effect on our behavior. Music is also known to increase our focus. Using our sense of hearing for pleasure, by connecting with music sensually can be a potent aphrodisiac.

Think about it. Have you ever associated a memory or feeling with a particular song? For example, “that song” was the first song we danced to, or “that song” was playing when I first kissed someone, or “that song” reminds me of my favorite road trip. Music has a way of cementing a memory and often a positive one. So why not activate this in our sexual lives by creating a Sexy Playlist.

Here are a few ideas to get you started with your playlist to trigger your sensuality and arousal:

  1. As you hear songs that tickle your fancy note them down. Choose songs with rhythms that feel erotic to you or with words that resonate for you. 

  2. Start with one song and intentionally play it and dance to it - alone, being mindful of connecting your body and mind with the song and the imagery it brings.

  3. Think back to songs in the past that evoke positive sensual memories for you.

  4. Tell yourself truths as you hear these songs like, “I am a sexual human,” “it is normal for me to have sexual thoughts and feelings,” “this feels good to me,” “my body is beautiful.”

  5. Combine fantasies with songs on your playlist.

Further steps for a shared playlist with your partner

  1. Share the song or songs with them; communicate how it makes you FEEL. 

  2. When you hear the songs let your mind engage with sexual thoughts of your partner.

  3. Text your lover when you hear the song and use a “code” word or emoji you have decided on together. Or send them a snippet of the song to let them know you are thinking about them.

  4. When the song comes on and others (or kids) are present, turn to each other and wink or link fingers or lean in for a quick kiss.

  5. Begin making a list together of songs that you BOTH enjoy and feel sensual to you as a couple. Have fun adding songs one by one.

  6. Play your sexy playlist when you have scheduled a time to be sexual together.

  7. Play the list when you want to awaken your arousal in anticipation of a scheduled sex date.

  8. Play the list to signal to your partner, without words that you would LIKE sexual time together.