Are there different kinds of orgasms?

Are there really different types of female orgasms?

I get this question a lot. Women ask about the validity of differentiating between orgasms such as: clitoral, G-spot, A-spot, blended, uterine and on the list goes.

Honestly, even the scientists cannot agree on the answer to this question, so let's just say there isn't one "right" answer. There is not one orgasm that is “better” than another. It is good to remember that orgasm is a sudden release in sexual tension, and it can be brought about in a myriad of ways. Also important to recognize that the context in which you have an orgasm influences your perception of the sensation. 

Here are some things we DO know to be true about female orgasm:

Women are fabulously unique and diverse and report varied experiences with orgasm. They are all normal.

Women can experience orgasm differently depending on where they are being stimulated and experiencing arousal.

The clitoral network is larger and more involved than most people understand and likely plays a role in many or most genital orgasms through direct or indirect stimulation.

The vast majority of women do not orgasm with intercourse or penetration alone.

Women can enjoy different kinds of sensations at different times of the day, month, year, and season of life. 

Women experience pleasure very individually and also experience variety within their own experiences with orgasm.

Orgasm may feel small or huge; like a whisper or a hurricane: intense or gentle, more like a lapping wave on the shore or a tidal wave out of the sea. There is a large scale to draw from and anywhere it feels on the scale is healthy and normal.

A woman’s vulva or vagina is not the only route to orgasm. 

Women report highly pleasurable orgasms from breast stimulation, having their toes sucked, while fantasizing or pleasuring their partner orally, for example.

Women have reported orgasms in which they did not feel pleasure, for example during a period of depression, during sleep or exercise.

My overall encouragement for women is to focus on the pleasure they experience rather than try to categorize their orgasms. Learn to express, experience and enjoy!